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  • ITEM CODE: SHA2630
    Li-ion 4800mah 11.1V
    Part No:
    [ CE-BL44  70-N9B4B2000  ]

    fit model:Sharp Mebius PC Mr40J MR80J
    AU$ 139.26    OUT OF STOCK
  • ITEM CODE: SHA2542
    Li-ion 1320mah 3.7V
    Part No:
    [ EA-BL28  SHBDL1  ]

    fit model:Sharp DM009SH 003SH Series
    AU$ 73.83    IN STOCK
    Li-ion 4000mAh 11.1 V
    Part No:
    [ CE-BL39  ]

    fit model:Sharp PC-CL50F,PC-CL50G,PC-CL50P
    AU$ 141.95    IN STOCK
    Li-ion 4000mAh 11.1 V
    Part No:
    [ CE-BL31  CE-BL37  ]

    fit model:Sharp PC-MC1-3CC PC-MC30F PC-MC1-3CA PC-MC1-3CR
    AU$ 122.64    IN STOCK
    Li-ion 4000mAh 10.8V
    Part No:
    [ CE-BL38  ]

    fit model:Sharp PC-AL3DH PC-AL50F PC-AL50FY PC-AL50FZ PC-AL50G PC-AL50G5
    AU$ 138.71    OUT OF STOCK